Clapback 30ml Salt

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Clapback Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML
Clapback premium vape juice is the latest creation from one of the largest e-liquid manufacturer, Saveurvape. This California based crew has already made waves in the vape community with SVRF E-Liquid, The Standard Vape, Jackson Vapor Co just to name a few. Clapback e-liquid was developed to offer consumers the ultimate flavor experience. Inspired by ripe fruits and tropical islands, you’re sure to find your perfect escape.

Clapback “Bliss” is a delicious blend of white peach and iced tea.

Citrus Breeze
Clapback “Citrus Breeze” is a citrusy blend of blood orange & pineapple.

Island Crisp
“Island Crisp” is a mouth watering mix of apples, strawberries, & juicy mangoes.

Pure Delight
A true all day flavor, “Pure Delight” is the perfect blend of flavors that will remind you of a classic Strawberry Chew.

The clapback “Summerade” flavor will blow you away! This perfectly crafted ripe grape flavor will have your taste buds going crazy.

Tropical Chill 
Imagine sitting on an island. Clapback “Tropical Chill” is a perfect blend of cantaloupe, honeydew and sensational cool menthol.

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