Twist 30ml Salt

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Twist E-Liquid 60ml 


Blend No. 1
A fruity fusion of exotic fruits that emulate a tropical paradise. On the inhale, taste a blast of sweet strawberries that’ll tease the taste buds.

Green No. 1 / Honeydew Melon Chew
Sweet melon and cool honeydew flavors mixed together to compliment each other in this vape juice that will keep you feeling refreshed all day.

Pink No. 1 / Pink Punch Lemonade
Each hit of Pink Punch Lemonade will make you think that you’ve just taken of a sip of real pink lemonade. The inhale and exhale of this salt is filled to the brim with the juicy and fresh flavor of pink lemonade.

Pink 0° / Iced Pink Punch
This nic salt tastes identical to an ice cold glass of pink lemonade! The inhale is filled with sweet yet tart flavors of pink lemonade. The exhale is when the menthol flavor kicks in and gives you a nice cold breeze.

Red 0°
Is a twin pack containing a mixture of nicotine salts blended with a menthol-infused watermelon e-juice.

Red No. 1 / Watermelon Madness
Juicy watermelons mixed into lemonade for a delicious vape juice.

Mint No.1
A sweet mint and menthol blend formulated with nicotine salt that will incite a wintry chill on the taste buds.

Menthol No. 1
Menthol flavors are balanced with mixed fruit extracts to produce a one of a kind e-liquid.


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