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Humble Juice Co. Tobacco Free Nicotine E-Liquid 120ML 


American Dream
American Dream is a colorful fruity cereal breakfast bar, combining crunchy fruit cereal and a healthy splash of refreshingly creamy milk for an undeniably delectable pair.

Hop Scotch
Toffee, vanilla, butterscotch custard is jam-packed and loaded with flavor!

Humble Crumble
Reminiscent of Grandma's homemade cobbler. This juice is a perfect mix of sweet blueberries, a dash of cinnamon and a crispy, buttery, graham cracker crust. It may have you reaching for a cold glass of milk!

Berry Blow Doe *Available on ice
Juice raspberry chew in the center of a crunchy blueberry shell. Berry Blow Doe is a mouthwatering explosion.

Pee Wee Kiwi *Available on ice
A elegant twist of kiwi with a couple slices of watermelon and apple with a pinch of citrus to finish it off! Enjoy

Sweater Puppets *Available on ice
Mango, cantaloupe, and a little bit of honeydew melon. This flavor is refreshing and pretty tasty!

Donkey Kahn *Available on ice
A beautiful blend of Strawberry banana with a nice splash of dragon fruit.

Fruit Punch *Available on ice
A summertime favorite, Fruit punch is a bold yet delicious mash up between Hawaiian juicy fruits and your favorite soft chew.

Peach Pleasure
Delicious strawberries, mixed with dragon fruit, followed by perfectly ripe peaches equals perfection.

Smash Mouth
A refreshing strawberry, cracker and custard mash up that is sure to be your next all day vape!

VTR *Available on ice
VTR knows how to standout in a crowd! A colorful sorbet mixed with fruit flavors.

Guava Kahn *Available on ice
Guava Kahn by Humble Juice Co is smothered in a sweet smoothie with an extra shot of guava that is blended with strawberry, banana and dragon fruit. 

Blackberry Lemonade

Blue Slushee
A refreshingly chill blend of tart blueberries and juicy raspberries. This flavor is perfect for summer day. 

Strawberry Waffle
A juice blend of waffle mixed with strawberries.

Fried Banana
Sweet Fried Banana's paired perfectly with cinnamon sugar doughnuts.

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